Age dashi tofu$4.50
(deep-fried bean curd)
Cheese puff$4.50
(shrimp, crab, and cream cheese-5pcs)
Crab rangoon$5.00
(crab, cucumber, and yellow cheese)
(boiled green soy beans with pods)
Egg roll$4.25
(pork and veggies - 2 rolls)
Fried Jalapeno **NEW**$8.00
(deep fried jalapeno with stuffed shrimp, crab, and cream cheese)
Fried Oyster **NEW**$8.00
(deep fried oyster)
Fried red snapper appetizer$5.25
(deep fried red snapper with cajun powder on top.)
Green veggies$6.95
(sauteed spinach)
(pork dumpling - 5 pcs)
Hamachi kama$6.95
(grilled yellowtail cheek)
Hiya yako$4.50
(cold bean curd with ginger, scallion, and fish flake.)
Ika Shogayaki$9.50
(grilled whole squid - *additional time for cooking)
Ika tempura appetizer$4.95
(deep-fried squid)
Kani tempura appetizer$5.25
(deep-fried crab)
Kara age$8.25
(deep-fried sliced chicken)
(grilled marinated beef rib)
(Korean spicy cabbage)
Lettuce Wrap$8.25
(chicken, carrots, green onions, onions, green beans, celery)
Moyashi Itame$6.95
(sauteed bean sprouts)
(grilled beef roll w/ scallion)
Pork or Chicken Katsu appetizer$8.00
(deep-fried breaded pork/ chicken cutlet)
Sake kama$5.95
(grilled salmon cheek)
Sesame Chicken appetizer$8.00
(deep fried chicken cooked w/ sweet sour sauce)
Shrimp Brochette appetizer$7.00
(grilled shrimp on skewers brushed w / soy butter sauce)
(shrimp dumpling - 5 pcs)
Soft shell crab$6.95
(deep fried crab with ponzu dipping sauce)
Spring roll$4.50
(shrimp, crab, bean sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, rice noodles - 2 rolls)
Tempura appetizer$5.00
(deep-fried shrimp and veggies)
Tempura Mushroom Appetizer$4.75
(deep-fried mushroom)
Vegetable tempura appetizer$4.75
(deep-fried veggies)
Vietnamese Homemade egg roll$4.50
(pork or seafood - 2 rolls)
(grilled chicken and scallion with teriyaki sauce)