Combos served with miso, mushroom , or hot & sour soup.
*No Substitutions

Sashimi A$26.50
(chefs choice 12 pcs sashimi)
Sashimi B $29.50
(chefs choice 15 pcs sashimi )
Sashimi C$26.50
(chefs choice 10 pcs sashimi with sashimi roll)
Sashimi D$29.50
(chefs choice 12 pcs sashimi with sashimi roll and sashimi italiano)
Sushi & Sashimi Combo$24.25
(chefs choice 6 pcs sushi, 6 pcs sashimi & chefs special salmon roll)
Sushi A$20.50
(chefs choice 8 pcs sushi with 6 pcs salmon roll)
Sushi B$24.50
(chefs choice 10 pcs sushi with 6 pcs tuna roll)
Sushi C$24.50
(chefs choice 10 pcs sushi with 3 pcs california roll, 3 pcs tuna roll)