Cooked sushi rolls with brown rice add $1.00

AAA Roll$5.75
(cooked - teriyaki chicken, cream cheese, avocado, jalapeno )
Alaska roll$5.75
(cooked - smoked salmon, cucumber, and crab )
Antonia Roll$9.25
(Cooked- Shredded crab mix with Japanese mayo inside; wrapped with avocado; teriyaki sauce and house spicy sauce on top)
Asparagus roll$5.75
(cooked - boiled shrimp, asparagus, fish eggs, sesame oil, Cajun sauce and mayo)
Austin Roll$10.50
(Cooked- shredded crab mix with Japanese mayo, cucumber inside; wrapped with crab; teriyaki sauce, crunch and house spicy sauce on top )
Blazer roll$10.50
(cooked - shrimp tempura, eel and crab inside, wrapped with avocado, with teriyaki sauce and wasabiko on top)
California roll$5.25
(cooked - crab, cucumber, avocado )
Casey roll$5.75
(cooked - teriyaki chicken)
Caterpillar roll$8.75
(cooked - fresh water eel wrapped with avocado and teriyaki sauce on top)
Eelavo roll$6.25
(cooked - eel and avocado, and teriyaki sauce on top )
Fajita Roll $12.00
(cooked - cream cheese, jalapeno, grilled onion inside; wrapped with grilled fajita beef, teriyaki sauce on top )
Futo roll$6.50
(cooked - crab, eggs, avocado, green beans, carrots, Japanese pickle, cucumber, and kampyo )
Gulf Coast Roll$11.25
(Cooked- shrimp tempura and cucumber, fish egg and mayo inside; wrapped with shrimp; house spicy sauce on top)
Hot Roxie roll$6.25
(cooked - shrimp, avocado, cucumber, jalapeno )
L.A. roll$5.75
(cooked - crab, cucumber, avocado and mayo, fish eggs )
Mountain Fuji roll$8.25
(cooked - smoked salmon, cucumber, fish eggs, mayo, green onion on top and whole roll baked *additional time for baking / frying)
Rock n roll$5.75
(cooked - shrimp tempura, cucumber, fish eggs, and mayo )
Sakura roll$7.50
(cooked - shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, fish eggs, and teriyaki sauce on top )
Salmon Skin Roll$5.75
(cooked - baked salmon skin with green onion )
Strawberry Roll$13.25
(cooked - shrimp tempura, crab, japanese mayo inside; wrapped with mango, strawberry and avocado, pineapple coconut sauce on the side )
Sumo roll$6.25
(cooked - baked salmon skin with salt, cucumber, yamabogo, fish flakes )
Sunset roll$10.25
(cooked - Crab, avocado, cucumber, with baked scallop, mayo, fish eggs on top * additional time for baking / frying)
Wendy roll$6.50
(cooked - shrimp, crab, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, takuwan, kampyo, with mayo on top)