Entrees served with miso, mushroom, or hot & sour soup, green salad, steamed rice, and chilled veggies/bean sprouts. (with fried rice add $1.50, brown rice add $1.00)

Beef Curry Rice$15.00
(beef, Japanese curry gravy)
Broccoli Chicken$13.00
(saute broccoli with chicken)
Chicken Curry Rice$14.00
(chicken, Japanese curry gravy)
Chicken Katsu$13.00
(Deep fried breaded chicken w/ BBQ sauce)
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice$14.50
(Chicken Katsu, Japanese curry gravy)
Chicken Tempura$13.00
(Deep fried chicken)
Combo Shrimp Tempura with Beef Teriyaki$14.00
Combo Shrimp Tempura with Chicken Teriyaki$13.50
Combo Shrimp Tempura with Salmon Teriyaki$14.50
Combo Teriyaki Beef with Chicken$12.50
Combo Teriyaki Shrimp with Beef$12.50
Combo Teriyaki Shrimp with Salmon$14.50
Fish & Vegetables Tempura$14.00
(Deep fried red snapper and veggies)
Fish Katsu$15.00
(Deep fried breaded white fish with BBQ sauce)
Fish Katsu Curry Rice$15.50
(fish katsu, Japanese curry gravy)
Fish Tempura$14.75
(Deep fried white fish)
Fish Tempura$14.75
(deep-fried white fish)
Hibachi Ahi Tuna$17.00
(sliced seared tuna)
Hibachi Beef (Fajita Beef)$13.50
Hibachi Chicken$13.00
Hibachi Red Snapper$16.00
Hibachi Salmon$16.00
Hibachi Scallop & Shrimp$17.50
Hibachi Shrimp$13.50
Hibachi Steak (Top Sirloin)$17.50
Hibachi Tilapia$15.00
Honey Shrimp$13.50
(fried shrimp mixed with honey sauce)
Ika & Vegetables Tempura$14.00
(Deep fried squid and vegetables)
Pork Katsu$13.00
(Deep fried breaded pork with BBQ sauce)
Pork Katsu Curry Rice$14.50
(pork katsu, Japanese curry gravy)
Sesame Chicken$13.00
(Fried chicken with sweet sour sauce)
Shrimp & Vegetables Tempura$14.00
(Deep fried shrimp and vegetables)
Shrimp Brochette$14.25
(Grilled shrimp skewers, asparagus & soy butter sauce)
Shrimp Curry Rice$15.00
(shrimp, Japanese curry gravy)
Teriyaki Beef (Fajita Beef)$12.50
(Sliced beef with teriyaki sauce)
Teriyaki Chicken$12.00
(Sliced chicken with teriyaki sauce)
Teriyaki Salmon$15.00
(Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce)
Teriyaki Shrimp$12.50
(Broiled shrimp with teriyaki sauce)